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Wellbeing Wednesday April 2021: Converts to Islam and their wellbeing

Wellbeing Wednesday is back with Social Psychologist Anita Nayyar to help you gain some insights on the challenges converts to Islam may face and how we can support them. Being a convert herself, she has had first hand experience for herself and close ones on such challenges.

Whilst there are no solid statistics around how many people convert to Islam, extrapolation of data has put the estimate from anywhere between 14,000 and 25,000 of converts in the UK. From issues around trying to learn at a pace suitable for them, family dynamics, integration and identity, there are a number of challenges that can result in psychological effects.

Join us to watch and find out:

  • What is a convert and revert, what is the difference?
  • What are the challenges converts may come across when they become a Muslim?
  • What are some of the psychological effects they may suffer from as a result of these challenges?
  • Why do some converts end up leaving the faith?
  • How can we as a community be part of the solution and not the problem?

Our speakers this month:

Dr. Fawziya Huq
MBBS, MRCPsych, PG Cert Medical Education
Psychiatrist & Mental Health Lead at Muslim Doctors Association
Fawziya studied Medicine at Kings College London and is currently specialising as a Psychiatrist in East London, working in a variety of settings in the community and inpatient mental health units. She is particularly interested in the interface between the mind and body, and mental health issues in BAME communities. She has also completed basic training in the concepts of Islamic psychology and counselling. Fawziya has previously served as a medical advisor to a Muslim mental health charity and is currently working as a clinician for a charity conducting mental health assessments on detainees in immigration removal centres.

Anita Nayyar
BA (Hons), MSc
Social Psychologist and Director of research at The Coping Mechanism
Anita has worked in a variety of backgrounds and has global experience across civic and commercial interests. Her commercial work includes insight, innovation, communications and brand positioning in TMT, pharma and microfinance. She has also worked in the public sector on communication strategy, counter-narrative, behavioural change, policy advice and arts content (for museum and theatre). Her creative side continues to develop outside of work and she is the founder of Arts Collective SoulfoodMidlands and Campaign Group OpenMyMosque. She is also a blogger at Huffington Post.

Anita is a Social Psychologist and Director of research at The Coping Mechanism blog, looking at the impact of COVID on the social psychology of the nation. She has been a guest speaker on Wellbeing Wednesday before, opening up the year 2021vodcast on New Year and New Beginnings.

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