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Wellbeing Wednesday: Mind and Body

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The mind and body are inseparable, and contrary to some beliefs are not two separate entities. Mental and physical health conditions are often connected, and when one gets worse, the other gets worse too.
Some sobering facts to think about:

  • The average life expectancy for someone with a serious mental illness is 20 years less than with someone without
  • 30% of people with a long-term physical health conditions (like diabetes, arthritis, heart or kidney problems), also have a mental health condition
  • 50% of those with a mental illness will also have at least one long term physical health condition running alongside

Join us to hear from Dr Mustakim Khandaker, an acute medical and renal physician who will give us insights from his patient experiences on the interface between physical and mental health, what are the complex reasons for such poor outcomes and what can we do about it.
Our speakers this month:

Our speakers this month:

Dr. Fawziya Huq
MBBS, MRCPsych, PG Cert Medical Education
Psychiatrist & Mental Health Lead at Muslim Doctors Association
Fawziya studied Medicine at Kings College London and is currently specialising as a Psychiatrist in East London, working in a variety of settings in the community and inpatient mental health units. She is particularly interested in the interface between the mind and body, and mental health issues in BAME communities. She has also completed basic training in the concepts of Islamic psychology and counselling. Fawziya has previously served as a medical advisor to a Muslim mental health charity and is currently working as a clinician for a charity conducting mental health assessments on detainees in immigration removal centres.


Dr. Mustakim Khandaker
MBBS, MRCP, MRCP (Renal), BEng Hons, MSc
Acute Medicine & Renal Physician
Mustakim studied Medical Engineering before going on to study Medicine at Hull and York Medical School. He worked in a variety of hospital settings to complete his medical training and has settled in the North West to finish his renal training. He is interested in patient engagement to improve outcomes of their health and empower patients to be the driving force of their own health care. He has volunteered for the Liverpool Outreach Homeless Society providing food deliveries to the homeless. When not at work he enjoys playing riffs on his guitar!

If you had ideas for our Wellbeing Wednesday topics, or wanted to be a guest speaker for our filmed vodcasts (be that from a personal wellbeing journey or a professional working in the area of mental health), please get in touch on [email protected]