Muslim Doctors Association (MDA)

Wellbeing Wednesdays: Sharing Silver Linings of the Pandemic Cloud

I have so far attended all Wellbeing Wednesdays sessions with MDA since January, and every single session has been beneficial for myself, in terms of understanding mental health and spirituality. In particular, what I appreciate the most is interacting with like-minded Muslims who are also mindful of mental health. I feel that mental health and how it links to our spirituality is often neglected in Islamic circles, and so having this sort of group is amazing in that aspect. I have found that I have been able to reconnect with our creator, Allah, Lord of the worlds, by being grateful for what I have in this present moment.

The recent May session in particular very much focused on these themes. We talked about, as rightly titled, the silver linings of the recent pandemic and in every situation that life throws at us, there is always good to be derived, and the pandemic is no exception. We shared discoveries of relationships that we made within ourselves, others and God. What I found most useful was understanding the bigger picture— our purpose in life. Life is so much more than what we see through our eyes, and having time for ourselves can really enable the close relationship we can have with God.

Reflecting on what we are grateful for during this time helped me gain clarity in terms of my wider purpose in life, which is far more important than all of the ‘minor’ daily distractions we become accustomed to. This is not to take away the importance of the daily rigmarole, but the reason why we do them is for the wider purpose; for the sake of God. I was so grateful to be reminded of this fact.

Lastly, we talked about the changes we have made, or will make. For me, it is to continue with the habit of praying the nightly prayer, Tahajjud, as this helps form our connection with God. I also will be listening to the Qur’an in English at night, because all the solutions to our problems lies within the Qur’an, and it is especially important that we understand God’s words.

I look forward to more Wellbeing Wednesdays to come.